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6 ways Hailo For Business can make life easier in 2017

The idea behind Hailo is to pair passengers and taxi drivers to get you to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. What many people don’t know is that Hailo offers a streamlined corporate solution, Hailo For Business. Below lists 6 ways you can make your professional life much easier in the New Year.

1. Traceability and Reporting

Great news! – The business platform does all the hard work for you. The system is fully automated so all data is stored and accurate. We will send you an e-receipt with full detail on your journey; pick up location, destination, date, time, reference, unique ID...

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Hailo Ireland

Half-Price Taxis, Anyone?

Hailo is rewarding loyal customers across the country over the festive period, and encouraging them to use Hailo at off-peak times when possible. We’re giving passengers a 50% discount code each day from Sunday the 18th of December until Thursday the 22nd. Each code will be valid from 10am until 4pm and can only be entered on the corresponding day. With Christmas less than 2 weeks away, it’s the perfect opportunity to head into town and finally get that shopping finished!

How to get your half price Hailo:

  1. Hailo will email out a list of codes for Sunday 18th – Thursday 22nd December.

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Christmas Travel Tips

Silly season is upon us.

The next 4 weeks are the busiest time of the year at Hailo – December is a month of Black Fridays for taxis!

Getting as many people from A to B this month is our number one priority. We have more drivers on the network than ever and will do all we can to ensure drivers are completing Hailo trips.

These travel tips will help you get the best possible Hailo service this festive season.

1) Avoid peak times whenever possible 🕰

Our busiest times over the next month will be 8AM – 9AM & 5PM – 8PM...

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Hailo WAV Supplementary Grant 2016

This week Tim Arnold our General Manager launched the Hailo Wheelchair Grant Scheme with Minister for Transport Shane Ross. This new Hailo initiative seeks to help modernise Ireland’s fleet and to increase the number of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) by 500 by 2017.

Hailo will now be offering every driver who successfully avails of the NTA 2016 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Grant Scheme an opportunity to earn an additional €1000 through The Hailo Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Supplementary Grant. The cost to drivers of putting a fully functional wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) on the road can be huge...

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Bus Strike Offer – Save 50% on Off peak fares with Hailo

Unfortunately there’s another bus strike scheduled for this Thursday and Friday(15th/16th September) in Dublin. If it goes ahead, the Hailo fleet will be ready to help Dubliners fly into work in the bus lanes!

If possible avoid travelling between 7am-10am … the roads will be gridlock and taxi demand will be sky high.

We’re offering passengers 50% off your taxi during off-peak hours. Taxis taken 6-7am and 10am-11am will be available at 50% off with special discount codes. The maximum discount avaialble is €10 – for further terms and conditions see below...

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How to use prebook

Steps to a Successful Prebook

1) Click the ‘Prebook’ option on your driver app.
The app will then display a list of available prebookings.
N.B. you can filter for airport jobs by clicking ‘AIRPORTS ONLY’. 


2) Click ‘ACCEPT JOB’ on the fare you wish to take.

3) One hour before your prebook is due to start a banner will appear on the foot of your screen.

4) Please tap the banner and press ‘ACTIVATE PREBOOK’ as soon as you are ready to travel to the booking...

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Pay with Hailo has moved

Have you ever tried ‘Pay With Hailo’? This great feature means you can use Hailo to pay even when you hail from the street.

We just wanted to let you know that it’s moved…. but not too far….to the menu bar on the homescreen.

All you have to do is hit menu and then Pay with Hailo before choosing the car you are travelling in…simple!

What is Pay with Hailo?

Pay With Hailo allows passengers who hail a taxi off the street to pay with the Hailo app for any ride...

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