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Hailo London: Driver Handbook



  • Actively promoting/selling a rival brand to a Hailo passenger is strictly prohibited
  • Any action(s) to bring the Hailo brand into disrepute could result in your driver profile being suspended. This includes in person and on social media
  • Verbal or physical abuse towards Hailo staff, whether in person or through other forms of communication will not be tolerated and could see you removed from Hailo altogether
  • When dealing with a drunk or abusive passenger, Hailo will respect your decision whether or not to carry on with the collection of the passenger
  • Please always contact us in relation to any issues that have arisen during a Hailo job
  • If for any reason you suspect a journey is being undertaken in a fraudulent manner – please contact us ASAP and ask them to leave the cab.

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Hailo London

Hailo meeting points at Heathrow Airport

After Instant Hailing or Prebooking your cab from Heathrow airport, follow our easy directions and you’ll know exactly where your Hailo driver will be waiting:

Heathrow Terminal 2

Domestic Arrivals

1. Walk out of UK Arrivals
2. Walk past the M&S food store and exit the Terminal on your left
3. Take the lift down to Floor 0
4. Exit the lift and cross over the three zebra crossings
5. The Hailo Pickup Point is immediately on your left, parallel to the taxi queue.

International Arrivals


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Hailo London

Priority Driver – London


Priority Driver

  • Hailo drivers can gain Priority Driver status by completing three Peak-time jobs within the times set in your driver app. This includes prebook jobs
  • Priority can also be earned by completing Prebook jobs highlighted in ‘red’ and showing the Priority Driver emblem,  which appear at the top of Prebook list, are yet to be accepted and are due to start within 30 minutes. You’ll also see ‘Earn instant Priority’ on the accept button of these jobs, along with ‘Panic’ Prebooks that are offered as an instant hail if not accepted from the Prebook list

What is the benefit to having it as a driver?..

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Hailo London

London Driver Twitter competition – Job of the Day

Everyday we will be tweeting our Hailo Job of the Day from our Driver account, @HailoDriversLDN. From good going home jobs, to a middle of the day airport run we want to hear your best jobs too!

It can be a Hailo job or off the street. All you need to do is tweet us the start and end of the job and a value if you want to, and we will choose one driver to win a day of Priority every day!

T&C’s apply...

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Hailo London

Introducing HailoPay

What is Hailo Pay?

You’ve dashed outside, seen the yellow light of a cab and want to jump in but have no cash whatsoever. Enter HailoPay, a new feature that allows you to pay any driver by card when you’ve hailed a taxi off the street and haven’t booked with Hailo.

Never worry about being caught short again. HailoPay is a new, safe and secure card payment method.

If you hop in a taxi off the street just type in your driver’s badge number at, enter your card details and you’re done...

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Hailo London

October Driver Blog

Welcome to my first blog post. I’m Andy Jones, General Manager for Hailo in London.

I’ll be writing these fairly regularly to keep you up to speed with the business here in London. I hope you find them a useful and informative way to learn more about what we’re up to here at Hailo Towers.

Hot off the press today, I’m talking about:

  • HailoPay – Introducing our new card payment solution
  • Cabbie Codes – We’re upping the ante
  • Priority Driver – Changes to the definition of peak
  • App features – Updates on new and upcoming app features

If you have feedback on any of the topics, please send us an email to

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Hailo London

Statement from Hailo – High Court ruling

Statement to Hailo London Drivers on today’s (Friday 16 October) High Court ruling:

Whilst today’s decision is clearly not what we as the black cab industry might have wanted to hear, we must now turn our attention to TfL’s PH regulation review.

Clearly the spirit of the law would uphold the claim that Uber’s app operates as a ‘taximeter’, but judges rule on the letter of the law unfortunately. Furthermore, changing legislation takes time, normally many years. As such, today’s ruling and any subsequent appeals are unlikely to affect the trade any time soon...

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