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How To Use HailoPay: A Step by Step Guide

A ‘Step By Step’ Guide on how to use HailoPay.

1. Enter into your web browser and type in your driver ID. This can be found written on a sticker labeled ‘Pay for this trip by card’ inside your taxi.

2. Enter your name and payment information in the boxes provided and then tap ‘Pay’.

3. You have now paid for your trip! To receive an email receipt, enter your email and tap ‘Send Receipt’. Use the code shown to receive £10 off your first Hailo trip...

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Hailo London

May Driver Blog

We have a new Mayor this month, Mr Khan, who has promised a lot to London’s commuters.

Whilst there wasn’t a huge amount of public support for the trade from either Sadiq or Zac during their election campaigns, it’s obviously difficult for them to come out heavily in favour of any one side during this process. We know from very recent meetings we’ve had with Sadiq himself that he fully intends to support taxis during his tenure and we hope that reassures you. What we, as a trade, have to do in the coming weeks, months and years is to give him every reason to support us by continuing to deliver a world class service to Londoners and by showing an openness to adopt new and innovative technology to make that service better than ever...

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Hailo London

Exclusive British Airways Executive Club Avios bonus with Hailo

Exclusive for Facebook team members:  Earn 1000 British Airways Executive Club Avios bonus when you take your first Hailo trip, PLUS all Facebook team members earn double Avios on all trips taken until the end of June 2016!

Hailo is London’s largest black cab network with over 16,500 cabs now operating across London. Safe, fully insured, reliable drivers with the ‘Knowledge’ and bus lane access will get you where you need to be fast.

Instant Hailo app bookings are typically served in under 3 minutes across central London, and you can also pre-book up to 4 weeks in advance...

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Hailo London

Hail a Vicar is now here


1st April 2016 – Hailo launches its latest 4.35 update to help couples tie the knot in the back of a London taxi. Available from 4pm today, couples looking for a fast, quirky and cost effective way to get hitched will be able to tap the Hail-a-Vicar button in the app which will offer the option to alert a driver who’s been ordained for marriage duties.

The incentive, which has seen thirty seven officially ordained black cab drivers sign up in the last twelve months, will be another on-demand service within the Hailo app...

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March Driver Blog

Happy Easter

Many people spend Easter weekend ‘giving thanks’, that and stuffing their faces with as much chocolate as possible.

I don’t have any chocolate for you, my kids saw to that I’m afraid, but I do have a whole heap of thanks I’d like to offer on behalf of our customers, as well as some interesting feedback from a recent survey.

All in Favour Say AYE!

Before we start, I wanted to share some very positive news from Parliament yesterday. Hot off the press, Labour MP for Ilford North, Wes Streeting spoke out in favour of a parliamentary review of Taxi and Private Hire legislation...

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Hailo London

Hailo meeting points at Heathrow Airport

After Instant Hailing or Prebooking your cab from Heathrow airport, follow our easy directions and you’ll know exactly where your Hailo driver will be waiting:

Heathrow Terminal 2

Domestic Arrivals

1. Walk out of UK Arrivals
2. Walk past the M&S food store and exit the Terminal on your left
3. Take the lift down to Floor 0
4. Exit the lift and cross over the three zebra crossings
5. The Hailo Pickup Point is immediately on your left, parallel to the taxi queue.

International Arrivals


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