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Driver Migration Guide: iOS

For a quick video tutorial tap the header image above or follow the link shown here

Step 1

When it’s time to get set up on mytaxi – you will see a banner on your Hailo home screen.

Tap ‘Find out more’ to get started.

Mig 1_iOS_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait

Step 2

To begin – tap the ‘Let’s migrate’ button.

Mig 2_iOS_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait

Step 3

Tap ‘Agree and Migrate’ as soon as you have read the T&C’s.

Mig 3_iOSPNG_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait

Step 4

Tap ‘Install mytaxi’.

Mig 4_iOS_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait

Step 5

Then tap the blue ‘Install’ button.

The mytaxi driver app will now begin to download in the background.

Mig 5_iOS_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait

Step 6

Before you can complete the migration process you will need to trust mytaxi in your iphone settings.

Mig 6_iOS_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait

Step 7

Go to settings:Settings

General :

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.38.51 AM

Device Management:

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.40.50 AM


Then tap the ‘Intelligent Apps GmbH’ button (This is the holding name for mytaxi globally).

Mig 7_iOS_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait

Step 8

Tap the blue ‘Trust’ button.

Mig 8_iOS_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait

Step 9

Go back to your home screen, find the mytaxi driver app and open it. Your login information will be waiting for you.

N.B. Please make sure that ‘Remember Me’ switch is set to green.

Now tap the blue ‘Next’ button at the top of the screen to sign in and complete the migration process.

Mig 9_iOS_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait

Step 10

That’s it! You will now be signed in to both Hailo and mytaxi simultaneously.

Mig 10_iOS_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait


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