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Driver Migration Guide: Android

For a quick video tutorial tap the header image above or follow the link shown here

Step 1

When it’s time to get set up on mytaxi – you will see a banner on your Hailo home screen.

Tap ‘Find out more’ to get started.

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Step 2

To begin tap the green ‘Let’s Migrate’ button.

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Step 3

Tap ‘Agree and Migrate’ once you have read the T&C’s.

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Step 4

Tap ‘Install mytaxi’.

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Step 5

You will be brought to the Google Play Store.

Then tap the Green ‘Install’ button to download the mytaxi driver app.

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Step 6

Now tap the green ‘Accept’ button.

The mytaxi driver app will now begin to download in the background.

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Step 7

Go back to your home screen, find the mytaxi driver app and open it. Your login information will be waiting for you.

Your username is your mobile number with the +353 prefix. So for example: +353871234567.

Your password is the password for your Hailo account.

N.B. Please make sure that the icon beside ‘Remember Me’ is ticked.

Tap the yellow tick at the top-right of the screen to sign in.

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Step 8

That’s it, you will now be signed in to both Hailo and mytaxi simultaneously

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Available on iPhone or your Android device.