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Introducing mytaxi


As you are probably aware, in August last year, we announced that we are joining forces with mytaxi to create Europe’s largest taxi app. That obviously doesn’t happen overnight and we’ve been busy ever since building a great new app. We’re now nearly ready to launch and will be in touch in the coming days, but for now we wanted to update you on what’s happening and answer a few burning questions!

What’s happening?

  • New driver app. In a week or so, we will prompt all drivers to download the mytaxi app. You’ll receive a notification in your Hailo app when it’s time to do so.
  • Seamless. Your existing Hailo account will sync seamlessly with the new mytaxi app, meaning you don’t have to re-register, sign in or add any profile details. However, this only works if you install mytaxi via the prompt in the Hailo driver app.
  • Don’t do anything yet! Whatever you do, please DON’T download mytaxi yet or delete Hailo. If you do, your new mytaxi account won’t synchronise properly with Hailo.
  • Farewell Hailo. We’ll be in touch when it’s time to delete the Hailo app, but in the short term we ask you to keep running both apps to ensure that passengers get the best possible service.
  • Passengers. Once drivers have downloaded the driver app, we’ll then begin asking passengers to download the mytaxi passenger app. Demand will, therefore, be low in the first few weeks, before we launch the passenger app, but it will come soon and will be supported by a major marketing campaign.
  • Black cab only. Just in case you’re in any doubt, we are not going to be offering any new vehicle types. We remain black cab only and that’s not changing!
  • Commission. That’s staying the same too. 10%. Simple.

Why is it happening?

As we combine the Hailo business with mytaxi to create Europe’s largest taxi app, we had to choose one brand. The combined businesses will offer passengers the opportunity to get a licensed taxi in 9 countries and 50 cities and it makes much more sense to offer this under one, easily recognisable brand rather than two. Managing two brands and two apps is simply not practical and wasn’t an option.

As a result, we’ll be asking all of our loyal drivers and passengers to download the new mytaxi app. Not now, but very shortly.

What’s in it for me?

Good question. The answer – LOTS.

The new mytaxi app will have shiny new features which we’ll talk you through nearer the time. We’ll also be running a major marketing campaign to raise awareness of mytaxi and the unique service offered by black cabs. We know you’ve been crying out for more marketing so keep your eyes peeled for the campaigns. I’m keen to point out that our campaign will not be price driven.

We’ll let others discount this industry with fixed fares. We’re focussed on promoting a world-leading, premium taxi service.

Lastly, with a Europe-wide network of passengers, there will be more incoming tourists from the continent who already have the mytaxi app and are keen to take a black cab.

So, there will be new features, a major marketing push and more visitors from overseas… meaning more bums on seats!

What next?

We’ll be in touch very soon with more information on how to migrate your Hailo driver account to mytaxi. We’ll also be sending out a comprehensive guide to the new app to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

If you have any specific questions that you’d like to know the answer to, please check our FAQs

Otherwise, I’ll let you get back to work. We’ll be in touch very soon!


Andy Jones

General Manager, London

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