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What a year 2016 has been… Brexit, The Donald, Leicester City and now, possibly the biggest shock of them all, Katie Hopkins issuing an apology. Plenty to contemplate over a mince pie and a sherry as we go into the Christmas holidays. On that note, we wish you and your families a restful and enjoyable time. Once again, we couldn’t have achieved Hailo’s best year ever in London without your help, so thanks!

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-3-03-49-pmFirst up, a heads up about our change to mytaxi to become Europe’s largest taxi app.

mytaxi – Coming to a Phone Near You Soon

Sadly there’s no rest for the wicked here at Somerset House. 2017 is going to be a huge year for the London taxi trade and all of the Hailo elves are busy preparing. The New Year brings a new beginning for Hailo as a business, but sadly also an end to Hailo as a brand. Early in the New Year, we’ll be rebranding to mytaxi and supporting the launch of the new brand with a major investment in marketing. Stay tuned for our January blog from General Manager Andy Jones where we’ll be giving you more details on this.

Cabbie of the Year

Day in day out we read plenty of brilliant stories about London cabbies going the extra mile. Some make us smile, others put our jaws to the floor, but there are those which are just pure magic. Trying to shortlist all of these drivers under for the Cabbie of the Year Award wasn’t easy. Like a semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent, we were in shreds as to who to choose. We had to give it one person however – the trade’s very own cabbie come doctor, Rob Felon. Back in February, we reported that Rob’s driving duty had taken an unexpected turn as he found himself delivering a baby in the back of his cab. Well done Rob and thank you for showcasing the professionalism that the trade deserves. Rob wins a £200 voucher of his choice.


Rob Felon

How long have you been a cabbie?
6 Years

Why did you become a cabbie?
To be my own boss and enjoy the flexibility of the job

Favourite short cut?
Lower Robert Street (Savoy Carpark)

Worst part of town for traffic?
Lower Thames Street

The cab radio is broken. What music do you put on?
Steve Lee, DJ and a a fellow taxi driver DJ

What did you do before completing the knowledge?
Worked as a printer

Outside the cab, what are your hobbies?
Simple: boxing and football. I’m a Millwall fan.

Outside the cab, anything you want to plug or mention?
My mate Steve Lee is a great DJ. You can hear him on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/steve-lee-1


Introducing Hailo Protect

Hailo Protect provides legal assistance and non-fault accident cover to keep you on the road and income protection for when you are not.

We wanted a driver’s point of view on Hailo Protect so who better to ask than the first sign up, Mark Lovell.

Why did you take out the Hailo Protect policy?
Because even more so nowadays our licences are at threat with so many cameras on the roads. I also have only one income in the family so everything is at risk

Was it easy to apply for?
Yes, I applied online and had all the documents emailed to me straight away

Did you have cover previously?
Not this comprehensive just legal cover with a union

Would you recommend Hailo Protect and if so why?
Yes I would because at £32.50 a month for £600 worth of cover it gives me peace of mind that if I go off the road at least my bills will still get paid

Which other insurance products are you interested In?
A Bupa style insurance that covers you for hospitalisation and also serious illness that helps pay your bills when you’re off work, the ones I’ve looked at tend to be expensive.

Sign up today at hailoprotect.com

Meet the Team – Omar Najmi


What do you do at Hailo?
Business Support (Operations). My role is to manage driver and customer complaints, as well as payment issues.

What is your favourite thing about working for Hailo?
Knowing if my car breaks down, a reliable Hailo will take me back to my humble abode!

What is your least favourite thing about working for Hailo?
Never focus on the negative, always remain positive!

If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) which three people would you choose?
Napoleon, Tupac and Frank Sinatra

Give us an interesting fact that no one at work knows about you?
I actually am a clone……ssssssssh its a secret!

Hobbies, sports, pastimes?
Watching footy, the latest movies and going to the gym

Favourite place in London
Anywhere south of the River. A true South Londoner at heart.

You’re on a desert island for a year. What one movie would you take?
Castaway. Not sure sure how I would watch it though. Does the desert island have a generator?

Editor: No!

Still on the island… what one meal would you eat?
Have to be some curried goat, rice and peas

And finally, still on the island, what one luxury item would you take with you?
I could say something technological, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say a RAFT!!!!


Hailo Meets: Wes Streeting MP

We’re always chatting to politicians, TFL and City Hall with updates on how business is going and ideas for the future. Last week Andy, our General Manager, met Wes Streeting MP to discuss the upcoming All Party Parliamentary Group on Taxis, a great forum that will bring the trade together. He’s a great voice for the trade with plenty of respect for the quality service that black cab drivers bring.

 And Finally….Happy Christmas

Whatever you’re up to this year, working or not, we hope you manage to find a little peace and quiet to enjoy the festive period with family and friends. Thanks for all your dedication in 2016. Here’s to a huge 2017.



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