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Hailo Credit Card Bundle

Still not decided how to get sorted with a credit card provider? We’re pleased to offer you an exclusive deal for a bundle that we’ve struck with our partners payleven.

What’s the deal?

  • 0% fees, until Dec 31st.  
  • From 1st January normal fees are 1.95% on all cards (excl. Amex)
  • Free installation
  • Bundle price  £199 – excl. VAT (reduced from £269).
  • TFL approved
  • Pay as you go
  • No monthly fee or contract

What do I get in my bundle?

  • payleven powered by SumUp card reader (contactless, Apple Pay, Android Pay)
  • Star SM-L200 Bluetooth receipt printer
  • Card reader mount for passenger
  • Printer mount for driver
  • Power converter for printer
  • Compatible with TX models (Vito due to be approved imminently)

For a limited time only you can purchase the card reader separately for £29.99 (excl. VAT) at 1.95%



How do I get started?

Three simple steps:

  1. Head to the Hailo partnership page here and signup for an payleven account. Important, don’t buy the bundle online, just sign up for an account.
  2. Pick up and buy your bundle at the Hailo Driver office on Great Suffolk Street. If no bundles are in stock you can still pay and receive your booking confirmation letter for installation. The letter can be used as proof for TFL.
  3. Whilst at the Hailo Driver Office book your free installation

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you have no devices available?

You’ll still be able to pay and receive your fitting booking confirmation letter

What happens if I already have a payleven account?

As long as you still have the login details you will be able to add the serial number of the new device to receive the deal. This must be done at payleven

Can I just buy the credit card device separately?

Yes. We have a exclusive deal for a limited time only of £29.99 (excl. VAT) at 1.95%.

What if you have have no fitting equipment but have credit card devices?

You can pay for the complete bundle and take a device away with you to use while waiting for a booking date

Have the booking letters been TfL approved?


Can I have a booking letter without paying for a bundle?

No, we will not issue booking letters without previous payment of the bundle and arranged booking time

When do I receive my free commission?

Until 31st December you will receive 1.9% back on all your credit card transactions. This will be paid at the beginning of each month. Any commission paid will be backdated to the start of the previous month.

What are the full TFL guidelines?

Click here to read more from TFL. They state that all taxi drivers must have an approved card payment device fitted within the passenger compartment by 1 January 2017  

I have a problem with my hardware device, who can help?

Any issues with your device should be directed to payleven directly. You can speak to them on 0207 112 8211


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