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Jimmy Pavesi

What is your role at Hailo?

I am a Business Development Manager in the Hailo for Business team, this basically means lots of taxi talk to corporates large and small. We have seen great traction recently with lots of hotels and restaurants in London taking up the service.

How long have you worked for Hailo?

I joined in January 2015, making me the longest serving member of the Hailo for Business team and the go to person for anything business related.

So what is Hailo for Business?

It’s simply our corporate solution which allows businesses to take control and manage their taxi spend. Staff can book taxi rides through the Hailo app which in my opinion is still the best e-hailing app on the market, (but I am incredibly biased). They can also access our online booking tool which is ideal for EA’s and PA’s when booking for other members of staff. We have recently seen a huge increase in hospitality businesses using the online booking tool to hail cabs for their guests. All journeys can be tracked and usage monitored to make the service as efficient and cost effective as possible for our clients.

Hailo for Business had another record month in September. What do you think has made it so popular in such a competitive market?

It just works!!! As well as being incredibly easy to use I think one of the main reasons is that there is no extra cost for the Hailo for Business service, even with all the added features. We like to let our service speak for itself and the word is clearly spreading as to what we are able to do.

What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions about Hailo?

It has got to be price. People think that because we only use licensed black cabs our prices will be higher. This is not necessarily true.  Our clients simply pay the meter fare and we don’t ‘surge’ at busy times. Our black cabs are also quicker than other services as all our drivers have passed ‘The Knowledge’ and have exclusive access to bus lanes. As Hailo’s fares reflect the meter these faster journeys often result in lower prices. If you don’t believe me take at look at this article released by the Wall Street Journal.

Hailo also offers some pretty good fixed fares to all London airports and if you’re British Airways Executive Club member can earn Avios points for every Hailo journey.

What is your favourite thing about working for Hailo?

I still love the Hailo app as that is how we started and it’s great showing clients how fast they can get a cab for the first time. The taxi industry is in a really interesting place at the minute and getting loads of press, it’s a really a dynamic environment especially with all the new technology and new businesses emerging. The opportunity out there is absolutely massive which is great to be a part of. We can see Hailo is genuinely disrupting the industry for the better with a fast and efficient service for passengers.

And lastly, what is the strangest thing that has happened to you while working at Hailo?

I’ve been chased out of a hotel by the biggest doorman ever when trying to pitch Hailo so you have to keep your wits about you! On the plus side we were once asked to provide cabs for an event but they wouldn’t tell us what it was for, it was all very secretive. It turned out to be the launch of George Clooney’s tequila brand, so we were rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and got loads of goodie bags. I guess the varied nature of Hailo keeps me busy overall.

Happy Hailing guys!

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