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Back To Black – October 2016

It’s back to business following Summer and what a month September was – unusually hot weather, London Fashion Week, the new Mayor taking note of our industry and Hailo’s busiest month. EVER. A big thank you for all your support and dedication.


We’ve got a bumper pack for you this month, including an update on Hailo for Business, news on our recommended hardware solution and a reminder of how you can make even more money with Hailo.

First up, a reminder of our recent announcement about three Hailo legends.

Pastures New

Following the recent announcement of the merger of Hailo and mytaxi, founders Russ Hall and Terry Runham will be leaving the business.

Russ and Terry were part of the six strong founding team here at Hailo and, together with Gary Jackson, Ron, Casper and Jay, were instrumental in building London and Ireland’s biggest taxi app. Over the past six years, Russ and Terry have worked tirelessly to promote the trade and they remain shareholders in the company.  As the company transitions to a new leadership structure, and rebrands to mytaxi in the UK, Ireland and Spain, they will be moving on to new opportunities.

The company would like to thank them for their passion, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit since founding the company and wishes them every success going forward.  Gary will be remaining with the company and will take on the exciting opportunity to head up commercial driver partnerships for the new entity.


New Hardware Solution

Over the past few months we have sorted through the many TfL approved solutions on the market and spoken with a number of the best known providers. We assessed the quality of their devices, support and rates to find the best hardware solution for our drivers. After a lot of research we have teamed up with payleven to offer you the best bundle on the market.

What’s the deal?

  • 0% fees, until Dec 31st.  
  • Normal fees are 1.95% on all cards (excl. Amex)
  • Bundle installation is completely free
  • Bundle price  £199 – excl. VAT (reduced from £269).
  • TfL approved
  • Pay as you go
  • No monthly fee or contract that you are locked into

What do I get in my bundle?

  • payleven powered by SumUp card reader (contactless, Apple Pay, Android Pay)
  • Star SM-L200 Bluetooth receipt printer
  • Card reader mount for passenger
  • Printer mount for driver
  • Power converter for printer
  • Compatible with TX models (Vito due to be approved imminently)

For a limited time only you can purchase the card reader separately for £29.99 (excl. VAT) at 1.95% 

We will be in touch over the next few weeks with how to sign up…


Cabbie of the Month


This month’s shout out goes to Stuart Winter who has been a member of our fantastic Hailo fleet for 4 years now! We got some absolutely glowing feedback from a customer who had some lovely things to say about Stuart and the black cab trade:

‘Stewart was brilliant with my friend who was in a wheelchair, he could not do more to help. He should be congratulated for a great service and highlights why black cabs are London’s best form of travel.’


Stuart Winter

How long have you been a cabbie?

12 Years

Why did you become a cabbie?

I really wanted to be self employed. I have worked in a lot of small and large companies however I always liked the idea of being my own boss. Before becoming a taxi driver I used to work in sales and have always enjoyed talking to people, so one of the main things I love about being a taxi driver is being able to speak to loads of different people from all different backgrounds.

Favourite short cut?

The Savoy service tunnel which takes you off the Strand down to the Embankment.

Worst part of town for traffic?

The worst traffic at the moment has to be on Blackfriars Road, where they have been putting in cycle lanes. It’s always so congested!

The cab radio is broken. What music do you put on?

I normally put on a bit of house music in the evenings if my passengers are heading on a night out, just to create a bit of a party atmosphere.  

What did you do before completing the knowledge?

I was a sales rep for a drinks company so I always had a good knowledge of London, becoming a taxi driver therefore seemed like a natural progression.

Outside the cab, what are your hobbies?

I currently live in Ramsgate which is a bit of a commute but it means I get to go to the beach a lot and walk the dog, which I love.

Other than playing a fair bit of FIFA, exercise wise I do a lot of jogging and cycling. I have actually just taken up yoga, as I find when working I am sat down all the time, so sometimes when I am waiting at ranks I get out and do some yoga stretches!

Outside the cab, anything you want to plug or mention?

Not really, I tend to keep to myself. I do however love being a taxi driver and I personally think that people need to be open minded about the emerging competition and new tech. I think we just need to stick to our trade and what we’re good at, different doesn’t necessarily mean bad.

Meet the Team – Paul ‘Pablo’ Hammond

What do you do at Hailo? 

User Acquisition Manager – I get people into Hailo black cabs via digital media. 

What is your favourite thing about working for Hailo?

I work with lots of smart people who are passionate about their work. That and the endless supply of Oreos.

What is your least favourite thing about working for Hailo?

There’s a permanently warm colleague in my room who abuses the use of air conditioning. It will probably be on until February. Brrrr.

If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) which three people would you choose?

Ian Wright – my favourite Arsenal player. My Grandad, didn’t get to have grown up conversations with him & Andy McNab would have a few stories. 

Give us an interesting fact that no one at work knows about you?

I’ll give you a few… take your pick!

1) Both me and Thierry Henry have been Yellow carded by the same Ref  

2) I was once on TV dressed as a masked goal keeper saving penalties of Z list celebrities including some bloke off the Apprentice, Ian Holloway & Roland Rivron  

3) I was lucky enough to play football at Anfield a few years back, which gave myself and a friend the chance to recreate Michael Thomas’s winning goal ‘Thomas right at the end!’  

Hobbies, sports, pastimes?

Football, I’ve been playing on Sunday mornings for the past 20 years and I also have a season ticket at Arsenal. My girlfriend loves it.

What’s the most embarrassing music you like?

I do enjoy La Bamba,  I was visiting family this summer in Mexico and we had a cracking singalong with my uncle on guitar. Brilliant. 

You’re on a desert island for a year. What one movie would you take?

Either Termintator 2 or A Bronx Tale, Bronx Tale probably shades it

Still on the island… what one meal would you eat?

My Mum’s Mexican cooking – Flautas, their like fried tacos stuffed with shredded chicken a good dollop of cream and hot salsa verde. Incredible.

And finally, still on the island, what one luxury item would you take with you?

Mobile phone is too obvious. I’d go for a four poster bed, that’s my shelter sorted and i’m sleeping like a king too!

Want tunspecified Make an Easy Tenner?

Remember cabbie codes? Well, here’s a quick reminder…   

What is a cabbie code?

Your cabbie code is simply your badge number. All you have to do it give it to a passenger who has never used Hailo before and get them to add it to their app. Voilà! they get a £10 credit off their first journey and you get a tenner too.

So if you ever have a passenger in the back of your cab who you think may be interested in Hailo, pass on your cabbie code and get them hailoing. 

So how do they work then?

Well, all the passenger has to do is download the Hailo app, set up an account and enter your badge number into the ‘Offers’ section in their wallet. Then the next time they take a journey you will get a tenner.

Still want more information click here


Hailo for Business – Up, Up and Away!

Hailo for Business, our hospitality & corporate offering, continues to go from strength to strength. We’ve regularly been breaking records and achieving “best ever weeks”, pulling in more and more corporate Business. We’ve been making great strides locking in new hospitality clients as well as businesses large and small.

Hailo for Business is growing all the time and rest assured, we won’t charge drivers any extra for access to corporate & hospitality work.

We’re simply committed to offering the world class service of black cabs to the many businesses of London who are in need of London’s finest.

It’s fair to say the Hailo for Business team have been working their proverbials off to bring the black cab trade more quality work and are still hungry for more!


Coming up in October is a visit to the Business Travel IQ Summit at the Guoman Tower Hotel where the team will be engaging with over 150 delegates most of whom are responsible for their company business travel.

Do you know of a business, hotel or restaurant who would benefit from Hailo’s easy to use taxi account and web booking facility? Drop the team a line at business@hailocab.com

London Cabbie Turns Inventor


As if spending years completing the knowledge wasn’t enough, taxi driver Gary Thatcher has turned his cabbie talents to inventing. Gary’s idea for a brand new device that could revolutionise the safety of cyclists was born from his experiences as a black cab driver. His lightbulb moment came when he was traveling down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace. He saw a cyclist in front of him with his lights on, however what he didn’t see was the cyclist raising his arm to signal that he wanted to manoeuvre past a parked vehicle, this resulted in some seriously heavily breaking from Gary.  

From this and other experiences on the road as a London cabbie, he realised that there was a large gap in communication between cyclists and drivers which needed to be addressed. This is where his new product Signum was born. Signum is a light worn around each wrist which triggers a light when it is squeezed in the left or right hand creating a bright signal that divers can easily see. He is hoping that his product will dramatically improve the safety of cyclists and make communication with cars much easier both at night and in the day.  

Commenting on this our very own co-founder Gary Jackson said ‘Its great to see other taxi drivers coming up with such innovative ideas’.

Changes to Job Offer Radius


We’ve got some good news for you regarding job offers. We have listened to our driver feedback and made some tweaks to our job offer distances. The changes have initially been rolled out in central London to avoid jobs being offered too far away. This will then be deployed in other parts of London in the coming weeks.

Driver feedback is incredibly valuable to us at Hailo and if you feel you’re constantly being offered jobs too far away in a certain part of town, please let us know.

Another improvement that has been made is to offer more drivers to customers hailing from Heathrow Terminal 5. You should therefore hopefully see more job offers from the terminal in the coming months, especially if you’re an airport driver and/or frequently in the vicinity.

New Island Rank for Clapham

Upon the request of some of our drivers, we have added a new island rank feature in Clapham and here is what you need to know:screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-12-11-44-pm

Location: Clapham High Street, Lambeth

Rank number: 5787

Who can use the rank? Drivers licensed for the Clapham extension area, as well as All London drivers.

More information: Here 

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