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mytaxi and Hailo join forces: more taxis, more cities, better service

We have big news!

We’re excited to announce that mytaxi and Hailo are joining forces, and by doing so we’re creating Europe’s largest taxi e-hailing company. Together we serve 3+ million customers and have 100,000+ registered taxi drivers, in 50+ cities across 9 European countries.

Both Hailo and mytaxi are very strong brands. Selecting one over the other was a tough choice. But in future we’ll operate under the mytaxi brand. This means that we’ll re-brand our Hailo operations in Spain, UK, and Ireland over the next 12 months.

For our combined company the future looks bright: we’ll be expanding into new cities and additional countries, adding new features to our app, and strengthening our brand across all markets.

What does this mean?

For customers: Initially nothing will change for you. You keep using either the Hailo or mytaxi app as before. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be working hard to move to the mytaxi platform. Once completed, we’ll invite our Hailo customers to migrate to mytaxi. And then, latest by July 2017, all our customers will be able to order a taxi in 50+ locations and 9 European countries.

For drivers: In the short-term everything remains as it is. We remain committed too and will work with licensed taxi’s only. We’ll be working with our Hailo drivers and prepare them in advance of the customer migration in Spain, UK, and Ireland. With a Pan-European customer base we expect more fares for you, and as a better funded business we’ll be able to invest more in marketing – and therefore generate more business for you.

By combining the best of Hailo and mytaxi, we bring together world class technology, an iconic brand, high quality people and the financial and strategic backing of our shareholders. We are not only creating a Pan-European market leader, but also a strong force which is able to compete with international competitors trying to conquer the European market. We look forward to continue to innovate within transport and mobility to provide compelling offers to drivers and passengers alike.

You will find answers and additional information in our Q&A. Alternatively, feel free to email or tweet us or contact us through any of our social media channels.  

Otherwise, we’re looking forward to helping you hail your next taxi in Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Rome, Warsaw, or any of our other 50+ locations.

The combination of the two companies is still subject to the approval of the European Regulatory Authorities, but we are confident that a positive decision will be made in the next 30 days.

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