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It’s All About YouAndrew J

Now things are starting to get back to normal post-Easter, I want to use this month’s blog to talk about cabbies, the trade and London’s future.

With the Mayoral Elections around the corner and campaigns like ‘Stay Fare Mayor’, it’s clear that there’s a lot of noise surrounding transport regulation and policy in London.

Our focus at Hailo has always been to promote the benefit of black cabs; speed, safety, security, accessibility, reducing congestions and emissions. Black cabs are an essential part of London transport and their importance and necessity for consumers is sometimes forgotten. I want to change that but I need your help.

Election Day is Looming

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding next month’s London Mayoral Elections and we are as ever campaigning for the black cab trade. We recently issued a passenger survey to our Hailo customers, which revealed that 90% of respondents feel safer when they are traveling in black cabs, versus other taxi vehicles in London.

At Hailo, we already know that black cabs are the safest and most reliable form of transport, so we want our future Mayor to acknowledge their importance as much as we do. We want to know what you think the new Mayor should be doing to improve things for the trade.

Sadiq cab                Zac cab

Making sure that your voice is heard, is one of my main priorities and we are giving you guys a window of opportunity with a short survey just for Hailo drivers. Your responses will be presented to the candidates and we will seek their commitment to support London’s world-class taxi service.

Take a few minutes to complete our survey here.

AP at the APPG

When discussions surrounding London transport take place, whether that be to do with politics or regulation, it’s the consumers who are sometimes forgotten. The All Party Parliamentary Group for Young Disabled People (APPG) hosted a panel event this week on Muscular Dystrophy and our CEO Andrew Pinnington sat on the panel alongside other important public transport industry representatives. It’s events like these that remind everyone where the focus should be when it comes to transport options in London. Chaired by MP Paul Maynard and attended by many other MPs, the discussion was focused on “Access to Public Transport” for those with disabilities.

This was a great opportunity to promote black cabs for being 100% wheelchair accessible and highlight the fact that we receive regular positive feedback on the app from disabled users regarding the assistance provided by you guys. Last month I shared with you on the blog just a snippet of the positive feedback we receive from passengers about their Hailo drivers. It’s these efforts to be helpful and kind, particularly to passengers who need assistance, that gives black cabbies such a great name and that helps us to support the trade. So please continue to “go the extra mile” and we will continue to promote your efforts when and where we can.

In summary, the discussion pointed to the heart of the issue and the point of our survey, which is that we need a transport infrastructure designed for use by the whole of London, and which isn’t driven solely by a drive to reduce cost. It was great to have Andrew representing Hailo on the panel and to bring the focus back to the many positives that black cabs have to offer London.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.48.57 PM

A Little Reminder…

I also want to share with you the results of our Football Friday survey on HailoPay earlier this month. It was great to see that 95% of you know that HailoPay is a completely free payment processor for driver and passenger and only 3% weren’t aware. For that 2% of you who still aren’t sure what HailoPay is, take a look at our “Introducing HailoPay” YouTube video here.

The main thing is, it’s COMMISSION FREE so if you haven’t tried it yet, why not give it a go?

Run, Run, Run

Good luck to Hailo driver Darren Wayland, who will be running the marathon this weekend to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis. His daughter Jessica was born with the condition, which currently has no cure. If you could spare a few and support Darren by sponsoring him, his family would be very grateful!



Good luck to all the drivers running on Sunday and to those who will be working!

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