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1st April 2016 – Hailo launches its latest 4.35 update to help couples tie the knot in the back of a London taxi. Available from 4pm today, couples looking for a fast, quirky and cost effective way to get hitched will be able to tap the Hail-a-Vicar button in the app which will offer the option to alert a driver who’s been ordained for marriage duties.

The incentive, which has seen thirty seven officially ordained black cab drivers sign up in the last twelve months, will be another on-demand service within the Hailo app. The current crop of ordained drivers among Hailo’s 16,600 strong London fleet means couples will need to book the service 24 hours in advance but can also hail the service on demand if they’re in the right place, at the right time. Normal taxi service will resume as usual for these ordained drivers outside of the marriage service.

 “We wanted to offer Londoners a fresh and quite unique experience from our most trusted and traditional driver service in the country. Shotgun weddings are all the rage in Las Vegas and something couples fly thousands of miles for whilst spending thousands of pounds in the process. Still in its infancy, we’re fully aware of the risks involved but this will be a test phase for us and, if successful, will be rolled out to more drivers who’d like to get involved. We live in a beautiful city with amazing surroundings so we hope it will appeal to a high number of prospective couples” said Andrew Pinnington, CEO of Hailo.

Marriages and civil partnerships within UK laws will be permitted and couples will be required to provide a witness for the registration process. *To help promote the service, Hailo has also vowed to cover the cost of any Hail-a-Vicar trip that ends with an “I do” within the first three months.

*(terms and conditions apply).

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